Toyota Hilux 2016 Price in Nigeria: A Handy Buyer’s Guide

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The Toyota Hilux 2016 is a versatile and reliable truck model that has gained popularity in Nigeria over the years. It is suitable for both commercial and personal use, offering excellent performance and durability.

If you are in the market for a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria, it’s essential to know the vehicle’s price range, features, and available options before making a purchase. In this section, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Features and Specifications

The Toyota Hilux 2016 comes with a range of features and specifications that make it a top choice for buyers. It has a spacious cabin, comfortable seats, and a powerful engine that delivers impressive performance on any terrain.

The 2.7-liter engine produces up to 164 horsepower, while the 4.0-liter V6 engine generates up to 236 horsepower. Both engines can be paired with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission, allowing for smooth and effortless gear shifts.

The Hilux 2016 also comes equipped with advanced safety features, including electronic stability control, anti-lock braking system, and traction control, ensuring maximum safety for both driver and passengers.

Trims and Options

The Toyota Hilux 2016 is available in several trims and options, giving buyers the flexibility to choose the best fit for their needs and budget. The trims include the Single Cab, Double Cab, and Extra Cab, each with its own unique features and specifications.

Buyers can also opt for additional features such as leather seats, a touchscreen display, and a premium sound system, among others, to enhance their driving experience.

Trim LevelStarting Price
Single Cab$16,000
Extra Cab$19,000
Double Cab$21,000

The table above shows the starting prices for each trim level of the Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria, providing buyers with an idea of what to expect when budgeting for their purchase.

Factors Influencing the Price

When it comes to determining the price of the Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria, various factors come into play. These can affect both brand new and used models, and understanding them is crucial for making an informed purchase decision.

ConditionThe overall state of the vehicle can significantly affect the price. Brand new models and well-maintained used ones will be more expensive than those with visible signs of wear and tear.
MileageThe higher the mileage on the vehicle, the lower the price. However, this can also affect the condition and performance of the car, so it’s essential to consider it alongside other factors.
Optional FeaturesAdditional features and upgrades, such as larger wheels, leather seats, and advanced safety technology, can increase the price of the Toyota Hilux 2016. Buyers should weigh the benefits of these features against their budget.
Market DemandThe demand for the Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria can affect its price. If the model is in high demand and limited supply, the price can increase. Similarly, if there’s low demand and a surplus of supply, the price can decrease.

By considering these factors, buyers can gain a better understanding of the Toyota Hilux 2016 price in Nigeria and make a more informed purchasing decision.

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Average Price of Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria

If you’re considering purchasing a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria, it’s important to have an idea of the average price range. Depending on the trim level, condition, and mileage, the price can vary significantly. Below is an approximate price range for both brand new and used Toyota Hilux 2016 models in Nigeria.

Trim LevelPrice Range (Nigerian Naira)
Base Model7,000,000 – 8,500,000
Mid-Level Trim8,500,000 – 10,000,000
High-End Trim10,000,000 – 12,500,000

It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on where you’re located in Nigeria. Additionally, the price can increase if the vehicle has additional optional features, such as leather seats, a sunroof, or a navigation system.

If you’re considering purchasing a used Toyota Hilux 2016, the price will depend on the condition of the vehicle and its mileage. On average, you can expect to pay between 4,000,000 and 8,000,000 Nigerian Naira for a used Toyota Hilux 2016 in good condition.

Where to Find the Best Deals

When it comes to finding the best deals for a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria, there are several options available:

  1. Authorized Toyota Dealerships: These dealerships offer the advantage of getting a brand new Toyota Hilux 2016 with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, be prepared to pay a premium price for this privilege.
  2. Online marketplaces: Websites like Jiji, Cheki, and Olx offer a vast selection of both new and used Toyota Hilux 2016 models. These platforms also provide the opportunity to compare prices and negotiate directly with the seller.
  3. Classified websites: Nairaland and other classified websites are great places to find used Toyota Hilux 2016 models at a bargain price. However, exercise caution and thoroughly inspect the vehicle before making any payments.

No matter the option you choose, make sure to conduct thorough research and compare prices from different sources to ensure you get the best deal.

Tips for Negotiating the Price

Negotiating the price of a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria can be challenging, but it’s essential to ensure you get the best deal possible. Here are some practical tips to help:

  • Do your research: Before negotiating, research the average market price of the Toyota Hilux 2016. This will give you a realistic idea of what to expect and help you determine your negotiation strategy.
  • Be confident: Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Remember, you’re the one with the money, and the seller wants to make a sale.
  • Start low: Begin the negotiation with a low offer that is still reasonable. This will give you some leeway to negotiate and counter any counter-offers made by the seller.
  • Focus on the total price: Instead of negotiating on the monthly payments, focus on the total price of the Hilux, including any additional fees and charges.
  • Consider timing: If possible, negotiate the price towards the end of the month or year when dealerships are more likely to offer discounts to meet their sales targets.
  • Don’t rush: Take your time negotiating and avoid being pressured into making a quick decision. Remember, you have the power to walk away if the deal doesn’t meet your expectations.
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By keeping these tips in mind, you can increase your chances of getting a favorable deal when negotiating the price of a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria.

Financing Options for Toyota Hilux 2016

Buying a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria can be a significant investment, and many buyers may not have the full amount upfront. Fortunately, there are various financing options available to help make the purchase more accessible. Here are the most common financing options:

Bank Loans

Many banks in Nigeria offer auto loans, and they are a popular choice among car buyers. Bank loans are ideal for those looking for long-term financing options. With a bank auto loan, you can pay for the vehicle over an extended period, typically up to five years, with interest. However, it’s essential to compare interest rates from various banks before settling for one.

Hire Purchase Agreements

Hire purchase agreements are also common financing options for car buyers in Nigeria. It facilitates installment payments for purchasing the vehicle, allowing the buyer to pay for the car over a specific period. Often, this period is between 2-5 years, depending on the agreement terms. Hire purchase agreements usually attract higher interest rates than bank loans, so compare rates before getting into an agreement.

Leasing Options

Leasing is another financing option to consider for individuals who may not want to own the car outright. With a car lease, you pay a fixed amount monthly to use the vehicle over a specific period. At the end of the lease period, you can return the car to the leasing company and renew the lease, or you can purchase the vehicle. Leasing can be a practical option for those who want to avoid the responsibility of car ownership, but it can be more expensive in the long run.

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Before choosing any financing option, it’s essential to evaluate the terms and conditions carefully. Make sure you understand the interest rates, repayment terms, and the total cost of the vehicle. With careful research and planning, you can find the best financing option suitable for your budget.

Maintenance and Ownership Costs

Buying a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria is not just about the initial cost of the vehicle. There are also ongoing maintenance and ownership expenses to consider. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Fuel EfficiencyDepending on the fuel type and consumption rate, the cost of fuel can add up quickly. On average, the Toyota Hilux 2016 gets around 7-8 km/l.
InsuranceThe insurance cost for Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria can vary depending on the policy and coverage selected. Comprehensive insurance coverage is strongly recommended to protect against accidents, theft, and other incidents.
Servicing and RepairsRegular maintenance and repairs are essential to keep your Toyota Hilux 2016 running smoothly. These costs can include oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements, and more. It is important to find a reliable mechanic who can provide quality service at a reasonable price.
Spare PartsIf you need to replace any parts of your Toyota Hilux 2016, it can be costly. It is recommended to use genuine parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle model.

It is essential to factor these additional costs into your budget when purchasing a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria. Proper planning and budgeting can help you avoid unexpected expenses and maintain your vehicle’s value over time.


In conclusion, finding the right Toyota Hilux 2016 price in Nigeria requires careful consideration of the factors that influence the cost of the vehicle. By conducting thorough research and comparison shopping, buyers can find the best deals and negotiate effectively to maximize savings.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the initial cost of the Toyota Hilux 2016 may be a significant investment, there are also ongoing maintenance and ownership costs to consider. However, with proper care and attention, the Toyota Hilux 2016 is a reliable and durable vehicle that can provide excellent value over the long term.

Whether you’re buying new or used, it’s important to work with a reputable dealer or seller and take the time to understand your financing options. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can make an informed purchasing decision that meets your needs and budget.


Q: What is the price range of Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria?

A: The price of the Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria can vary depending on factors such as the condition of the vehicle, mileage, optional features, and market demand.

Q: Where can I find the best deals for Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria?

A: You can find the best deals for the Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria at authorized Toyota dealerships, online marketplaces, and classified websites like Nairaland.

Q: How can I negotiate the price of a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria?

A: To negotiate the price of a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria, it is advisable to research market conditions, compare prices from different sellers, and leverage any additional features or factors that may affect the value of the vehicle.

Q: What financing options are available for purchasing a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria?

A: Financing options for purchasing a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria include bank loans, hire purchase agreements, and leasing options. Each method has its pros and cons, so it’s important to carefully consider your financial situation and preferences.

Q: What are the maintenance and ownership costs associated with Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria?

A: The maintenance and ownership costs of a Toyota Hilux 2016 in Nigeria can include expenses such as fuel efficiency, insurance, and servicing. It’s important to factor in these costs when considering the overall affordability of the vehicle.

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