Asus Laptop Price in Nigeria: Affordable Models and Shopping Guide

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If you’re in the market for a reliable laptop with great features and an affordable price point, look no further than Asus laptops. In Nigeria, Asus has established itself as a popular brand known for producing high-quality laptops that cater to a wide range of needs and budgets.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to Asus laptops in Nigeria, including the most affordable models, where to buy them, and how to maintain and optimize their performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Asus laptops are known for their reliability and affordability in Nigeria.
  • This article will provide a guide to Asus laptops in Nigeria, including buying tips and maintenance advice.
  • Learn about the most affordable Asus laptop models available in Nigeria and where to purchase them.

Introduction to Asus Laptops

Asus laptops are known for their reliability, affordability, and impressive features. They are a popular choice among Nigerian consumers, with several models available in the market. From lightweight, portable options to powerhouse machines, Asus has a wide range of laptops designed to meet diverse user needs.

Asus laptop models vary in specifications, with different processors, RAM, storage capacity, and display sizes. Some models have touchscreens, while others feature backlit keyboards and fingerprint scanners. Regardless of the model, Asus laptops are generally well-built and durable, making them a smart investment for long-term use.

Introduction to Asus Laptops.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Asus Laptop in Nigeria

When shopping for an Asus laptop in Nigeria, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the best value for your money:

  1. Intended Use: Consider how you plan to use the laptop and select a model that is appropriate for your needs. For example, if you plan to use the laptop for gaming, you’ll need a model with a powerful graphics card and high processing speed.
  2. Budget: Determine the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the laptop, and look for models that fit within your budget range. Asus offers a range of laptops at different price points, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.
  3. Processor: The processor is the “brain” of the laptop, and determines how fast it can perform tasks. Look for models with the latest processors for optimal performance.
  4. RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) is the temporary storage space the laptop uses to access and manipulate data quickly. The more RAM a laptop has, the faster it can run applications. Ensure the laptop has sufficient RAM to handle your needs.
  5. Storage: Consider the amount of storage you require and select a laptop with sufficient storage capacity. Asus laptops offer options of both hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) storage options.
  6. Display Size: The size of the display is a personal choice, but consider the purpose of the laptop when making a selection. If you need a laptop for work, you may prefer a smaller display size, while a larger display size may be better for gaming or entertainment purposes.
  7. Battery Life: The battery life will determine how long your laptop can run without being plugged in. Look for laptops with a long battery life, especially if you plan on using the laptop on the go or in areas with limited power supply.

Affordable Asus Laptop Models in Nigeria

If you’re looking for an affordable Asus laptop in Nigeria, there are many options to consider. Here are some of the best models available:

Model Price Key Features
Asus VivoBook E12 E203NA ₦85,000 11.6-inch display, Intel Celeron processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage
Asus VivoBook Max X541UA ₦155,000 15.6-inch display, Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB storage
Asus X441SA ₦129,000 14-inch display, Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage
Asus Zenbook UX330UA ₦295,000 13.3-inch display, Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, lightweight design

These prices are subject to change depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or sales. It’s always a good idea to compare prices across different sellers before making a purchase.

Where to Buy Asus Laptops in Nigeria

Asus laptops are available from a variety of authorized retailers in Nigeria, both online and offline. If you’re looking to purchase an Asus laptop, here are some trusted retailers to consider:

Retailer Physical Store Locations Website
Jumia Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other major cities
Konga Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other major cities
Slot Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other major cities
Microstation Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other major cities

These retailers offer a range of Asus laptop models and variants, along with accessories and customer support services. You can also find Asus laptops on other online marketplaces and physical stores that specialize in electronics and computers.

Where to Buy Authentic Asus Laptops in Nigeria

It’s important to buy authentic Asus laptops to ensure you receive full warranty coverage and customer support services. Beware of counterfeit products and unauthorized resellers who may offer lower prices but unreliable products.

When purchasing an Asus laptop, make sure to buy from authorized retailers who are listed on the official Asus website. You can also check the authenticity of your Asus laptop by verifying the serial number on the Asus website.

Asus Laptop Reviews from Nigerian Users

Many Nigerian users have purchased and used Asus laptops, and their reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the overall user experience. Here are some of the pros and cons mentioned by Nigerian users:

“I’ve been using an Asus laptop for over a year now, and it’s been great. The performance is top-notch, and the battery life is impressive. The only downside is that the laptop tends to get quite hot when running heavy applications.”

“I recently bought an Asus gaming laptop, and I’m really happy with my purchase. The graphics are amazing, and the sound quality is excellent. However, the laptop is quite heavy and not very portable.”

“Asus laptops are the best value for money in my opinion. I got a high-end model for a lower price than other brands, and the features are just as good. The only issue I’ve had is with the touchpad, which can be a bit finicky.”

Overall, Nigerian users seem to be quite satisfied with their Asus laptops, and despite some minor issues, they appreciate the high performance and affordable price point of these devices.

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Asus Laptop Maintenance and Support in Nigeria

Regular maintenance of your Asus laptop is essential to ensure it performs optimally and lasts longer. Here are some tips on how to keep your laptop in good condition:

  • Clean your laptop regularly using a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust from the keyboard and screen.
  • Provide adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Use a cooling pad if necessary.
  • Update your software regularly to ensure optimal performance and security.
  • Uninstall unused programs to free up disk space.

In case of any technical issues, Asus has authorized service centers located in various parts of Nigeria. You can also reach out to their customer support team for assistance with any queries or concerns.

Service Center Location Contact Details
Asus Service Center Lagos (+234) 703 642 7743
Asus Service Center Abuja (+234) 703 642 7743
Asus Service Center Port Harcourt (+234) 803 828 9771

It is recommended to have your laptop under warranty for added protection and peace of mind. Check with the retailer or Asus website for warranty details and terms.

Upcoming Asus Laptop Models in Nigeria

Asus is known for regularly introducing new and innovative laptop models to the global market, and Nigeria is no exception. While there is no official announcement about the upcoming Asus laptop models in Nigeria, we can expect some exciting releases in the near future, based on the company’s previous launches and rumors.

Rumors suggest that Asus may launch a new gaming laptop in Nigeria with improved graphics, a faster processor, and better cooling mechanisms. Another potential release is a laptop with a foldable screen, which has been making waves in the tech world. Apart from these, Asus may also introduce its latest ZenBook and VivoBook models, which are known for their sleek designs, long battery life, and impressive performance.

Comparison of Asus Laptops with Competing Brands in Nigeria

Asus laptops are renowned for their reliability and performance, but how do they compare to other brands in Nigeria? Let’s take a closer look.

When it comes to price, Asus laptops are relatively affordable compared to other high-end brands like Apple. Asus also offers a wide range of models with varying specifications, making it easier to find a laptop that meets your needs and budget.

In terms of features, Asus laptops have several advantages over competing brands. For example, many Asus models come with high-quality graphics cards, making them ideal for gaming and graphic design. Asus laptops also offer more storage space and longer battery life in some cases.

However, there are some areas where other brands may have an edge over Asus. For instance, brands like Dell and HP often have better customer support and after-sales service. Additionally, some users may prefer the design and user interface of competing brands.

In the end, the best laptop for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as price, performance, and customer support when making your decision.

Tips for Finding the Best Asus Laptop Deals in Nigeria

Looking for the best Asus laptop deals in Nigeria? Here are some tips to help you find them:

  1. Subscribe to newsletters from authorized Asus retailers in Nigeria. They often send out notifications about sales, promotions, and exclusive discounts to their subscribers.
  2. Check online marketplaces like Jumia and Konga for deals on Asus laptops. You can often find discounts from third-party sellers. Be sure to verify that these sellers are authorized by Asus.
  3. Look out for seasonal sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales, where retailers typically offer massive discounts on laptops, including Asus laptops.
  4. Compare prices among authorized Asus retailers in Nigeria. You can use online price comparison tools like PriceCheck to find the retailer with the best price for the Asus laptop you want.
  5. Consider purchasing a refurbished Asus laptop from an authorized reseller. Refurbished laptops are often significantly cheaper than brand new laptops, and they come with a warranty.

With these tips, you’re sure to find the best deals on Asus laptops in Nigeria. Happy shopping!

Asus Laptop Accessories in Nigeria

Asus laptops are known for their impressive features, but having the right accessories can enhance their functionality even further. In Nigeria, there are various Asus laptop accessories available that can complement your device and improve your overall experience.

Accessory Description
Asus Laptop Charger Essential for charging your Asus laptop. It is important to ensure that you purchase a charger that is compatible with your device to avoid damage.
Asus Laptop Case This is a protective cover designed to keep your laptop safe from scratches and minor damages. They come in various designs and sizes to fit different Asus laptop models.
Asus Laptop Keyboard These are replacement keyboards in case your Asus laptop keyboard malfunctions. They come in different languages and layouts.
Asus Laptop Battery Replacement batteries are essential in case your laptop battery is old and no longer able to hold a charge. Ensure that you purchase a battery that is compatible with your device.
Asus Laptop Cooling Pad These are designed to keep your laptop cool during heavy usage, preventing overheating and potential damage to your device. They come in different sizes and designs.
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It is important to note that not all accessories available in the market are genuine Asus products. Be sure to purchase accessories from authorized Asus retailers to avoid purchasing counterfeit products that may be harmful to your device.

Asus Laptop Warranty in Nigeria

Asus laptops come with a standard warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period, typically one year. This warranty covers the cost of repairs or replacement of any parts that fail due to manufacturing defects.

However, it’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized modifications. Before making a warranty claim, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty.

If you encounter any issues with your Asus laptop, you can contact the Asus customer support team in Nigeria. They will guide you on how to proceed with your warranty claim and help you get your device repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

It’s essential to register your Asus laptop with the manufacturer to enjoy all the benefits of the standard warranty and any extended warranty options available. Ensure you keep your purchase receipt and warranty documents safe, as you may need to provide them when making a warranty claim.

Asus Laptop Price Trends in Nigeria

Asus laptops are known for their premium features and high-quality hardware. In Nigeria, the prices of Asus laptops have remained stable over the past few years, and the laptops are widely available in both physical and online stores.

Currently, the price of an entry-level Asus laptop in Nigeria ranges from ₦120,000 to ₦150,000, while mid-range models are priced between ₦200,000 and ₦300,000. High-end Asus laptops with advanced features and specifications can cost up to ₦600,000 or more.

The prices of Asus laptops in Nigeria may vary depending on the model, specifications, and the retailer you choose. However, it is worth noting that Asus laptops offer great value for money and are competitively priced when compared to similar laptops from other popular brands.

Factors that may affect the price of Asus laptops in the Nigerian market include fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, import taxes, and shipping costs. Buyers should keep these factors in mind when planning to purchase an Asus laptop to ensure they are getting the best deal.

Asus Laptop Buying Guide for Nigerian Consumers

Purchasing a new laptop can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not familiar with the technical jargon and specifications. This guide is designed to help Nigerian consumers navigate the process of buying an Asus laptop, with a focus on factors to consider and where to make the purchase.

Determine your budget

Before you start browsing different Asus laptop models, it’s important to set a budget. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending. Asus laptops are available at different price points, ranging from entry-level models to high-end ones with advanced features. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and look for laptops within that range.

Consider your needs

When shopping for an Asus laptop, it’s important to consider your intended use. Are you a student looking for a laptop for taking notes and browsing the web? Do you need a laptop for gaming or video editing? Different Asus laptop models cater to different needs, so it’s important to choose one that aligns with your requirements.

Look at the specifications

Once you’ve identified your budget and needs, it’s time to look at the specifications of different Asus laptop models. Consider factors such as the processor, RAM, storage capacity, display size, and battery life. A higher specification laptop will generally be more expensive, but it will also offer better performance and more features.

Research authorized Asus retailers

When buying an Asus laptop in Nigeria, it’s important to purchase from an authorized retailer to ensure that you’re getting a genuine product. Asus laptops are available both online and offline, so do your research and look for trusted retailers. Some popular online marketplaces include Jumia, Konga, and Amazon, while physical stores such as SLOT and Microstation also stock Asus laptops.

Compare prices and deals

Once you’ve identified the model you want to buy and the retailer you want to buy from, compare prices and deals. Look for seasonal sales, promotions, and discounts offered by authorized resellers. You can also check the Asus Nigeria website for any ongoing promotions or bundle deals.

By following these tips, you can make an informed decision when purchasing an Asus laptop in Nigeria. Remember to prioritize factors such as your budget, needs, and specifications, and only purchase from authorized retailers for a genuine product.

Tips for Maximizing the Performance of Your Asus Laptop

If you want to keep your Asus laptop running smoothly and at maximum performance, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow. By implementing these practices, you can ensure that your device stays fast, efficient, and reliable.

Stay Up-to-Date

One of the most important steps you can take to maximize your Asus laptop’s performance is to keep it up-to-date. This includes regularly checking for and installing updates for your operating system, drivers, and applications. Updates often include bug fixes and performance optimizations that can help you get the most out of your device.

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Use Antivirus Software

Another important step in maintaining your Asus laptop’s performance is to use antivirus software. This will help protect your device from viruses, malware, and other security threats that can slow it down and compromise your data. Be sure to keep your antivirus software up-to-date as well to ensure you have the latest protection.

Clean Your Device

Dust, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on your Asus laptop over time, clogging up fans and vents and causing it to overheat. This can lead to performance issues and even hardware damage. To prevent this, be sure to regularly clean your laptop with a soft cloth or compressed air. You can also use specialized cleaning products designed specifically for electronics.

Uninstall Unused Programs

The more programs you have installed on your Asus laptop, the slower it may run. This is because each program takes up system resources even when it’s not in use. To improve performance, consider uninstalling any programs you no longer need or use. This will help free up storage space and reduce the strain on your device.

Adjust Performance Settings

Finally, you can adjust your Asus laptop’s performance settings to optimize it for your needs. For example, you can adjust power settings to extend battery life or improve performance, or adjust visual effects settings to reduce strain on your device’s graphics card. Experiment with these settings to find the right balance between performance and efficiency.


In conclusion, Asus laptops are a reliable and popular choice for consumers in Nigeria, offering a wide range of models with diverse specifications and features to meet different needs and budgets. When buying an Asus laptop, it is important to consider factors such as budget, intended use, processor, RAM, storage capacity, display size, and battery life.

There are several authorized retailers, both online and offline, where consumers can purchase Asus laptops in Nigeria, with competitive pricing and deals available. Maintenance and support for Asus laptops are also readily available through authorized service centers and customer support teams.

Furthermore, with the upcoming release of new Asus laptop models, consumers can expect even more options to choose from in the Nigerian market. And for those looking to optimize and maximize the performance of their Asus laptops, there are several tips and tricks available to help improve software and hardware performance.

Overall, Asus laptops are a reliable and affordable choice for consumers in Nigeria, and with proper research and consideration, consumers can find the perfect model to meet their needs.


Q: What are the factors to consider when buying an Asus laptop in Nigeria?

A: The important factors to consider when buying an Asus laptop in Nigeria include budget, intended use, processor, RAM, storage capacity, display size, and battery life.

Q: Where can I buy Asus laptops in Nigeria?

A: You can buy Asus laptops in Nigeria from authorized retailers, both online and offline. Trusted online marketplaces and physical stores are available, and their contact details can be found for your convenience.

Q: Are there any upcoming Asus laptop models expected to be released in Nigeria?

A: Yes, there are upcoming Asus laptop models that are expected to be released in Nigeria. Rumored specifications and features will be discussed to keep you informed about the latest offerings from Asus.

Q: How do Asus laptops compare to competing brands in Nigeria?

A: Asus laptops can be compared to other popular brands available in Nigeria in terms of price, features, specifications, and overall value for money. This will help you understand how Asus laptops stand out from the competition.

Q: How can I find the best Asus laptop deals in Nigeria?

A: To find the best deals and discounts on Asus laptops in Nigeria, you can follow these tips and tricks. Information on seasonal sales, promotions, and authorized resellers offering competitive prices will be provided.

Q: Where can I purchase genuine Asus laptop accessories in Nigeria?

A: Asus laptop accessories such as chargers, cases, keyboards, mice, and more are available in Nigeria. Information on where to purchase genuine accessories will be provided.

Q: What is the warranty coverage for Asus laptops in Nigeria?

A: The warranty coverage provided by Asus for their laptops in Nigeria will be explained, including the duration of the warranty, terms and conditions, and how to make use of warranty services if needed.

Q: What are the price trends of Asus laptops in Nigeria?

A: The price trends of Asus laptops in the Nigerian market, including any recent changes or fluctuations, will be analyzed. Insights into factors that may influence price changes will be offered.

Q: What should I consider when buying an Asus laptop in Nigeria?

A: A comprehensive buying guide for Nigerian consumers looking to purchase an Asus laptop will be provided. Step-by-step instructions on how to choose the right model and where to buy it will be included.

Q: How can I maximize the performance of my Asus laptop in Nigeria?

A: Tips and tricks for optimizing and maximizing the performance of Asus laptops in Nigeria will be shared. Suggestions on software optimization, cleaning, and regular maintenance practices will be provided.

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