Top Cheapest Phone Stores in Nigeria for Great Deals

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If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you might be wondering where to find the best deals on phones in Nigeria. Fortunately, there are many affordable phone stores in Nigeria that offer great prices on a wide range of smartphones. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top cheapest phone stores in Nigeria, so you can find the perfect phone at a price that fits your budget.

Whether you’re in Lagos, Abuja, or anywhere in between, there’s sure to be a phone store near you that offers budget-friendly prices. Keep reading to learn more about the best places to find affordable smartphones in Nigeria.


Jumia is a popular online marketplace in Nigeria that offers a wide range of affordable smartphones. Whether you need a budget-friendly phone for everyday use or a more powerful device for gaming or work, Jumia has got you covered.

One of the best things about Jumia is that they offer a variety of discounts and promotions throughout the year, allowing customers to score some great deals on their favorite devices.

You can find some of the newest and most popular smartphone models on Jumia at significantly lower prices than their competitors. Additionally, Jumia provides free shipping for certain orders, making it an even more affordable option for customers.


Konga is a great option when looking for affordable smartphones in Nigeria. The online retailer offers a wide range of budget-friendly smartphones that cater to different needs and preferences. From low-cost phones for basic communication to mid-range and high-end devices for more demanding use cases, Konga has it all.

Customers can enjoy discounts on various smartphones, especially during special sales and promotions. Additionally, Konga offers reliable delivery services to different parts of the country, making it convenient for customers to order from anywhere.

Some of the popular brands available on Konga include Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and iTel, among others. Customers can also find accessories such as phone cases, screen protectors, and chargers to complement their phones.

Slot: Where Great Phones Meet Affordable Prices

Slot is one of the most popular phone stores in Nigeria, known for its wide range of smartphones and affordable prices. From budget devices to high-end smartphones, Slot offers something for everyone.

One of the best things about Slot is the discounts it offers on phones. Customers can enjoy up to 50% off on select devices, making them some of the cheapest smartphones in Nigeria. In addition, the store often runs promotions and giveaways, giving customers even more opportunities to save on their next phone purchase.

Slot also stands out for its excellent customer service. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, readily available to answer any questions customers have about the phones and accessories on offer. This makes the phone-buying process a breeze for even the most tech-challenged individuals.

While Slot has physical stores across Nigeria, it also has an online store that allows customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes. This is particularly convenient during the pandemic, as customers can avoid crowded stores and still get great deals on phones.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a phone, Slot is definitely a store worth considering. With its wide selection of phones, discounts, and exceptional customer service, Slot is the perfect place to find a high-quality phone that won’t break the bank.


Pointek is one of the largest phone stores in Nigeria, with numerous locations across the country. They offer a wide range of affordable smartphones, as well as accessories and other gadgets.

At Pointek, customers can expect to find some of the best deals on phones in Nigeria. They offer phones from top brands such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, as well as other lesser-known brands.

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Types of Phones Available at Pointek

Pointek offers a wide variety of smartphones, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy Series
  • Apple iPhone
  • Huawei Y Series
  • Infinix Hot Series
  • Tecno Camon Series

They also offer other types of phones such as feature phones and basic smartphones.

Discounts at Pointek

Pointek offers various discounts throughout the year, including sale events and special promotions. Customers can save big on their purchases by taking advantage of these discounts.

In addition, Pointek also offers a loyalty rewards program, where customers can earn points for every purchase. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

“I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy phone at Pointek and was impressed with the price and quality. The staff were also friendly and helpful.” – John, Lagos

Finet: Offering Affordable Smartphones for Everyone

Finet is a relatively new player in the Nigerian phone market, but it has quickly gained a reputation for offering some of the cheapest smartphones in the country. The phone store prides itself on providing high-quality phones at affordable prices.

At Finet, customers can find a wide range of smartphones from different brands, including Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei. These phones come in various sizes, colors and storage capacities, catering to different customer preferences. Regardless of the type of phone a customer is looking for, Finet promises to have something for everyone.

One of the reasons why Finet has become so popular among Nigerians is its ability to offer fantastic discounts on smartphones. Customers can save up to 50% on some of the most popular phone models, making Finet one of the best options for those looking to purchase a smartphone on a budget.

Finet Discounts and Deals

Finet offers regular discounts on its smartphones, so customers are always assured of finding great deals at the store. Some of the most popular discounts currently available at Finet include:

Phone Model Regular Price Discounted Price
Samsung Galaxy A12 ₦75,000 ₦65,000
Tecno Camon 17 ₦85,000 ₦75,000
Infinix Hot 10T ₦60,000 ₦52,000

In addition to these discounts, Finet also provides free accessories, such as phone cases and screen protectors, with the purchase of some smartphones.

Finet also offers an installment payment option for customers who cannot afford to pay upfront, allowing them to pay in installments over a period of time. This option is particularly useful for students and low-income earners who are looking to purchase high-quality phones.

Customer Service

Finet prides itself on its excellent customer service, and is committed to ensuring that all customers have a positive shopping experience. The store has a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are available to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have.

In addition, Finet offers a warranty on all smartphones sold in-store, providing customers with peace of mind that their phones are protected.

If you’re looking for a phone store that offers fantastic discounts and deals, Finet is definitely worth checking out. With a wide range of smartphones, excellent customer service, and affordable prices, Finet is quickly becoming one of the most popular phone stores in Nigeria.


Microstation is a popular phone store in Nigeria that offers some of the best deals on phones in the country. Customers can find a wide range of smartphones at affordable prices, making it a perfect destination for budget-conscious shoppers.

One of the advantages of shopping at Microstation is the knowledgeable and helpful staff. They are always ready to assist customers in finding the right phone model for their needs and budget. Customer service is top-notch, making the shopping experience a pleasant one.

At Microstation, customers can expect to find a variety of top smartphone brands, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Tecno. The store also offers a range of accessories such as phone cases, screen protectors, and chargers.

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Pros Cons
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of phone brands and models
  • Excellent customer service
  • Relatively small number of store locations
  • May not always have the latest phone models in stock

Overall, Microstation is a great destination for anyone in search of affordable smartphones without sacrificing quality or features. With helpful staff and a broad selection of phones and accessories, it’s one of the top phone stores in Nigeria.


3C HUB is a phone store chain in Nigeria that offers some of the cheapest smartphones in the country. They have a wide range of budget-friendly smartphones available, making it a popular destination for customers looking for inexpensive phone vendors.

With several locations across the country, 3C HUB is accessible to many customers who are looking for affordable phone prices in Nigeria. They offer discounts on their wide range of smartphones, ranging from brand new models to refurbished phones.

3C HUB: Types of Phones Available

At 3C HUB, customers can find a variety of smartphone brands to choose from. They offer phones from popular brands such as Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Huawei, and more. They also have both Android and iOS phones available, catering to a wide range of customer preferences and budgets.

In addition to smartphones, 3C HUB also offers accessories such as chargers, phone cases, and earphones at affordable prices, making it a one-stop-shop for customers looking to accessorize their phones.

3C HUB: Discounts Available

3C HUB offers discounts on many of their smartphones, ranging from a few thousand naira to tens of thousands of naira. They also offer installment payment options for customers who may not be able to pay the full amount upfront.

Customers can also take advantage of promotions and deals on specific models of phones, allowing them to get their desired phone at an even lower price than usual.

“I was able to get the exact phone I wanted at 3C HUB at a much lower price than I expected. Their discounts and promotions are amazing!” – Jane, 3C HUB Customer


For customers looking for low price mobile shops in Nigeria, 3C HUB is definitely worth considering. With a wide range of affordable smartphones and discounts available, customers can get great deals on phones without sacrificing quality. Their multiple locations across Nigeria also make it accessible to a wide range of customers.

Parktel Online

Parktel Online is an online phone store that offers one of the cheapest prices for smartphones in Nigeria. They provide a wide range of phones, from top brands to budget-friendly ones, so customers have a variety of options to choose from. Customers can also benefit from special discounts on their purchases.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Wide range of phones available
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Convenient online shopping experience
  • No physical stores
  • Delivery may take longer than expected

Customer review: “I was able to get my dream phone on Parktel Online at a very affordable price. The delivery was delayed by a few days, but the phone was worth the wait. I recommend Parktel Online for anyone looking for cheap and quality phones.”

Overall, Parktel Online is a great option for customers looking for a budget-friendly shopping experience without sacrificing quality. Their wide range of phones available and special discounts make it one of the cheapest phone stores in Nigeria. However, customers should keep in mind that delivery may take longer than expected.

Callus Miller

Callus Miller is a phone store located in Nigeria that offers great deals on a wide range of smartphones. The store is known for providing customers with the best deals on phones in the country.

Types of Phones Available at Callus Miller Discounts
iPhone Up to 20% discount on select models
Samsung Up to 25% discount on select models
Tecno Up to 30% discount on select models

Customers can expect to find some of the cheapest smartphones in the country at Callus Miller. The store offers a range of budget-friendly options, making it a great choice for those looking for affordable mobile phones.

“I purchased my phone from Callus Miller and I couldn’t be happier with the price and quality. The store has some of the best deals on phones in Nigeria.” – Sarah, Lagos


If you’re looking for affordable smartphones in Nigeria, Yudala is another great online marketplace to check out. They offer a wide range of budget-friendly options, from basic phones to high-end smartphones. Here are some of the top phones available on Yudala:

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Phone Price
Samsung Galaxy A12 ₦69,990
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 ₦94,990
Infinix Smart 5 ₦43,690

Yudala also offers discounts on their smartphones, making them even more affordable. Keep an eye out for their sales promotions and flash deals to score even better prices on your favorite phones.

Moreover, Yudala offers a variety of payment options to ensure that their customers can easily purchase smartphones. With options like cash on delivery, card payments, and bank transfers, you can choose the payment method that works best for you.

Overall, Yudala is a great choice for anyone looking for affordable smartphones in Nigeria. With a wide range of options and discounts available, you’re sure to find the perfect phone to fit your needs and budget.

Section 12: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for the cheapest phone stores in Nigeria, you likely have some questions about the process. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about buying cheap smartphones in Nigeria:

Q: How can I find the best deals on phones in Nigeria?

A: The best way to find the best deals on phones is to do your research. Check out the websites of the different stores mentioned in this article, compare prices, and read reviews from other customers. You can also sign up for newsletters or follow the stores on social media to stay updated on any sales or promotions.

Q: Are cheap smartphones from these stores reliable?

A: While you can find some great deals on smartphones from these stores, it’s important to be cautious. Always make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller, and read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the phone’s reliability. It’s also a good idea to test out the phone before you buy it, if possible.

Q: Are there any risks associated with buying cheap smartphones from these stores?

A: There are always risks associated with buying any type of product, but as long as you do your research and buy from a reputable seller, you can minimize these risks. Some potential risks include getting a phone that is not as advertised, or getting a phone that is not in good condition. However, if you buy from stores that have a good reputation, you should be able to find a great deal on a reliable smartphone.

Q: Can I get a warranty on a cheap smartphone?

A: It depends on the store and the phone you buy. Some stores may offer a warranty on their phones, while others may not. It’s important to check with the store before you buy to see what their policy is on warranties. You may also want to consider buying a phone with a manufacturer’s warranty, which can offer additional protection.

Overall, buying a cheap smartphone from one of the stores mentioned in this article can be a great way to save money. Just make sure you do your research, buy from a reputable seller, and test out the phone before you buy it if possible.

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